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Tecnautic Autopilots

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joystickThrottlesAP ControlPortable FBW Station Helm Station options: Joystick, Throttle Station (fixed or portable), Autopilot Control Unit:
From € 700 
actuatoractuatorFADEC-Box Engine Control:
● Throttle and Shift Actuator
For electronic engine control (actuators not required): €1k per engine. Various versions, including Trolling Valve option.
For mechanically controlled engine, including two actuators €3k per engine.
Reversible PumpRudder Angle SensorDrivebox Rudder and Thruster Steering:
● Drivebox and Rudder Sensor €1k.
● Rudder pump or linear actuator or rudder valves (on-off or proportional), various sizes.
Heading GyroCompassGPS 100WXLog Sensor Sensor Options:
● Heading Gyro
● Magnetometer
● Wind Sensor
● Paddle or Sonic Log
WiFi Remote Controlremote control Accessory Options:
● WiFi Remote Control App (free)
● MP8 (Multiplexer and TCP server) for Wireless Control and automatic MOB and FOLLOW Mode 

..● --> Details €  klick here <--