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Tecnautic Autopilots

Automatic AIS MOB Follow Mode

joystickVessel automatically returns to a crew member's personal AIS beacon
When an AIS SART or MOB beacon of the own crew is received, the autopilot starts beeping and flashing and the engines automatically go into idle and out of gear.

 McMurdo S20 personal AIS beacon:
S20-2The MOB beacon sends its first signal immediately after activation - long before the MOB target is shown on the plotter, and even before it has got a GPS fix. The vessel might only be 15 seconds away, when the engines automatically go out of gear and into idle. Yachts can be turned into the wind automatically. s20-3

Automatic target tracking will start one minute after first reception. The automatic mode can be disabled, but may be activated any time with the NAV button on the Display. Initially the vessel turns towards the target and accelerates up to 6 kn, depending on distance.
The Autopilot will reduce speed and come to a halt at relative speed zero in front of the target, at 30 m (100 ft.) antenna distance. It will stay out of gear as long as the target remains within 60 m (190 ft.), to permit a safe recovery. If the target drifts farther away, the Autopilot will home in again.